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Praise for Mark Winik’s Debut Novel ‘The Dog Healers’

FINALLY!  A truly powerful heroine. 


Mark Winik’s debut novel is the suspense packed story of a fierce young healer named Isabella

who can breathe life into ailing dogs and turn race horses into champions.

In the tradition of Eva Peron, she ignores her Argentinian culture’s ideas about female roles, plunging  into the shadowy reaches of the horse racing world where thugs would turn her gift into riches.  To her,  money is just the means to her dream: creating a haven for all dogs, be they wretched, ill or aggressive.  Isabella wields wit and charisma among society ladies, twisting gold-braceleted arms for donations,  exerting a still greater spell on men. This includes her handsome protégé Carlos, who yearns  for the  love Isabella shares with her dogs.
But her dogs are her allies as villainous threats mount. 


Isabella faces the fight of her life, but when you’ve got dogs at your back,  you’re never alone.

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Get Ready


Author Mark Winik makes the rounds on internet radio to talk about his latest project, The Doghealers: A Documentary. Listen to his podcasts now! 

  • DogCast Radio   Hear Mark on Julie & Jenny’s popular show, a canine can’t-miss 2005.  

  • Top Dog Tips   Samantha Randall chats with Mark about the healing power of dogs. 

  • Animal Writes  Mark swaps hairy  dog stories with host Top Dog Tips host Tim Link on the Pet Life Radio Network. 

  • Pure Dog Talk Radio  Radio personality Laura Reeves gets the 411 on what inspired Mark to create "The Doghealers", on Pure Dog Talk Radio, The Voice of Purebred Dogs. 


Mark’s been a busy boy so stay tuned — more events coming soon!

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